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GripStic - First 2 Market Products

GripStic - First 2 Market Products
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GRIPSTIC - Products for Living, Products for Life. Our GRIPSTIC bag sealers consistently receive 5 out of 5 stars and are a fit for most people (college students to senior citizens). GRIPSTICs save you money, paying for themselves. Air & moisture is what causes food to go stale / freezer burned. Lock it out and keep food fresh longer with GRIPSTICs. A must have kitchen gadget. The starter set includes all 5 sizes to cover bags in your fridge, pantry, freezer and more. If it’s in a bag, you can seal it airtight with a GRIPSTIC. Have GRIPSTICs? Check out our Platinum Silicone Snap Bags that Steam, Reheat and Store. You will want to see how they roll up when not in use. They are compact, easy to use and don’t have lids that get lost.

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